Lounge Lunch


Served on sliced white or brown bread or bloomer bread, served with crisps and a dressed side salad

Ham and English Mustard
Ham, Cheese and Tomato
Prawn Marie Rose
Beef and Horseradish
Tuna Mayonnaise
Cheese & Pickle (v)


Served with a dressed side salad

Coronation Chicken
Tuna Mayonnaise
Egg and Mayonnaise (v)
Prawn Marie Rose
Cheddar Cheese (v)
Baked Beans topped with cheddar cheese (v)
Hot filling of the day (please ask our server)

SALADS £5.75

Served with warm bread

Ham Salad
Roast Beef Salad
Prawn Marie Rose Salad
Cheese Salad (v)

Soup of the Day £4.25

Served with rustic roll and butter

Please note that some of our dishes may contain nuts or other food allergens. If you have a food allergy please inform our restaurant manager.

 Individual ingredients are subject to change due to seasonal availability.

(V) Suitable for vegetarians